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Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Coach

Bianca Lawless

BHlthSci (Nutritional Medicine)

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Bianca is a degree qualified Nutritionist who believes in an integrated model of care for an individual to attain the greatest health and vitality. Nutrition is a complementary health modality that works to achieve a state of optimal health. Using a holistic approach, her aim is to not only treat the symptoms, but to find the underlining causative factors in order to prevent illness, and restore basic body physiology. Bianca wants people to feel a sense of empowerment over their life and their health. She is passionate about helping you to achieve your health and lifestyle goals by providing you with the tools and knowledge to do so. When working with you, she will educate you, so that you understand how your diet and lifestyle affect your mind, body and state of wellbeing, and will design a tailor-made program specific to your unique health state. 


Bianca has had a love of food from a young age, from creating recipes in the kitchen with her family, growing food in the home garden and learning about food and the endless healing benefits. This coupled with a desire to create optimal health within her body after a few of her own health battles, including the urgent removal of her gall bladder 10 years ago. Which was followed by a confusing time of what she could now eat and how to be healthy. She found that she was given no support or information on diet after surgery and what this meant for her health going forward. After gaining excess weight, suffering from fatigue and malabsorption, she was driven to take matters into her own hands and learn how to get her vitality and health back by studying Nutritional Medicine. Her studies emphasized the endless benefits of food as medicine and the innate ability we have to heal ourselves using our own vital force. Through helping herself overcome her health battles, she is now motivated to help others with theirs. Bianca believes that health and nutrition are the cornerstones of a vibrant existence and is passionate about educating, motivating and spreading this message to others.


Bianca’s qualifications include a BHlthSci (Nutritional Medicine), Health Coaching Certification, Life Coaching Certification and Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification. She is a professional member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) USA. She has worked in Australia, the United States, in Europe on health and yoga retreats and on workshops globally. She has recently returned from Washington DC in the USA where she worked in a number of areas that she is passionate about, including; Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Wellness Coaching, Corporate Health Coaching, Nutrition Advisory and Public Health where she worked on a number of community health initiatives including; Childhood obesity prevention, Farmers markets, Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program, Healthy Eating Active Living, Hunger Free food workshops with kids and in the community, healthy workplace incentives and supporting breastfeeding in the workplace and the community.


Bianca can help you with a variety of conditions working with diet, sleep hygiene, exercise habits and mental health, and has specialised in weight loss, adult and childhood obesity, dietary and lifestyle changes after cholecystectomy (gallbladder) surgery, detox, seasonal eating/cleansing and women’s health including pre and post natal care.

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